About Us

Easy Finance Souq is one of the fastest-growing financial service offering companies in the UAE. We achieve exceptional results for our clients by combining expertise, innovation, and a personalized approach. Our mission and culture of high performance and genuine passion allow us to maintain the right balance and that is what makes all the difference.

With a proven track record of over decades, we have the knowledge and insights of a longer-term approach that help clients to adapt and thrive to maintain a healthy relationship. Our team of experts applies their market knowledge and dedication, giving the clients an edge across all the commercial and residential property transactions and advisory services.

Over the years, we have succeeded in building an exceptional reputation that stands firmly on a value-driven, client-centric approach, transparent system, and process that firmly stand on accountability of the highest orders.

We believe that good experiences promote lasting relationships. We offer transparency in every transaction done, and customer insight into our developments, thus transforming every relationship into a positive, engaging, and memorable one that people would always love to come back to.


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Easy Finance Souq has been amazing! The platform is incredibly clear and easy and the team was always available to answer any questions I had. I could follow my progress directly and was met with the quickest service.

New homeowner and Easy Finance Souq customer

Easy Finance Souq is the easiest way to apply for a mortgage loan in the UAE. I signed up one month ago and I’m receiving my new house keys right now. No stress, no handling of paperwork, and no broker fees. I can’t imagine using any other service!

Prachi Mehta
New homeowner and Easy Finance Souq customer